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Greg Shepherd
Director of Safety, Quality and Compliance

Greg Shepherd

Greg's leadership experience has included compliance for more than 20 years. His responsibilities have required comprehension of various aspects in: 

  • CFR (Code of Federal Regulations)
  • OSHA
  • CDC
  • Transportation Safety Administration
  • Homeland Security
  • Customs and much more …

As Director of Safety, Quality & Compliance, Greg feels that the last term mentioned is definitely not the least valuable.  To be in compliance is to provide Quality to our customers and Safety to both our customers and employees.  Since he has accepted this responsibility here with the Perry team, he joins his coworkers to passionately serve our customers and their neighborhoods. Greg and his wife Holly live in nearby Fort White, FL.          

Since most Perry Roofing employees spend their workdays at least 15 feet off the ground, we devote considerable company resources to keeping them safe.

Preventing accidents and ensuring the safest possible working conditions—for our employees and our customers—remain priorities across all divisions. We carefully adhere to safety standards and require all employees to take the ten-hour OSHA training course. However, training is ongoing with our weekly safety meetings where prevention is a main focus.

Over the years we have spent millions of dollars keeping our employees safe. Our safety program includes workforce training, safety equipment for each employee and can develop specialty safety programs per client requests.

Perry Roofing maintains worker’s compensation, general liability and automobile insurance for its operations throughout the country. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.